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Build a Good Morning Routine with These Easy Tips

The children get up late, the dog’s chewed the homework and who knows what happened to the car keys. Aaaaghhh! Yes, mornings can be madness. So how do you get through this morning madness and live to tell the tale? The answer is a good morning routine. If it seems easier said than done, don’t worry, with a few survival tips, it’s just about possible…



A productive morning routine is only a few steps away. Even if you’re not a morning person, with a bit of forward thinking and our breakfast-time hacks, you’ll quickly win the day.

 1. Tick tock, tick tock …

When you’re up against the clock, make sure time is on your side. Even getting up a few minutes earlier can make a big difference, especially if you have to come up with a morning routine for school. TV, laptops, tablets and phones are all big time wasters. So why not turn off all devices until after breakfast?

2. Do less in the mornings

Getting stuff done the night before means less to do first thing. Packing lunchboxes and schoolbags for example can save loads of time and energy. But there are other time-savers too – like filling out any school paperwork and even laying the table ready for breakfast. And hey, the best bit is – you can get the kids to help out with some of it!

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3. Losing things loses time!

It’s amazing how things like keys or pencil cases just seem to disappear into thin air - especially when you’re in a rush. It’s enough to make you … well, get very cross that your good morning routine just went out the window! Avoid the stressful morning game of hide and seek by putting all the important things you need in one place. Then, simply grab and go.

4. List mania

Lists are great, but for a productive morning routine there’s nothing better. Why not write down all the things you need for the day ahead and check it before you leave home. That way you’ll always be a step ahead and it could save you getting to the school drop-off in your slippers! Not that slippers are that bad … are they?

5. Keep calm and carry on

Things rarely go according to plan – what will be will be! Embrace disruption – nobody, absolutely nobody is perfect. You know those mums always looking so serene? Chances are they’ve had a mad morning too! Try to keep calm and know that breakfast time is a challenge for even the best of us. Remember that there are always ways to make breakfast extra fast, so everyone in the family can still enjoy that important first meal, even in the middle of morning chaos.


Added berries and nuts with cereal

6. And of course keep breakfast delicious!

A balanced breakfast does more than just get your child’s body going in the morning. It could make a great contribution to the energy and nutrients they need to start the day. In fact, it’s recommended to get around 20% of daily energy intake from breakfast (Gibney et al. 2018). But breakfast doesn’t just give your children energy - it can provide them with protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients. So, a good breakfast is always part of a good morning routine.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to help give them everything they need. A bowl of cereal made with whole grain, a splash of milk or dollop of yoghurt, and a piece of fresh fruit will give them a tasty start to the day. Cereal toppings will surely make the first meal of the day, your kids’ favourite. Or, if you want to try something a bit different, take a look at our fun recipes.


Gibney, M.J., Barr, S.I., Bellisle, F, Drewnowski, A, Fagt, S, Hopkins, S, Livingstone, B, Varela-Moreiras, G, Moreno, L, Smith, J, Vieux, F, Thielecke, F & Masset, G 2018, ‘Towards an evidence-based recommendation for a balanced breakfast – A proposal from the International Breakfast Research Initiative’, Nutrients, vol. 10, no. 10, pp. 1540, viewed 9 September, 2021, DOI 10.3390/nu10101540.


1. Why should I look for whole grains in my breakfast cereal?

Whole grain provides a range of vitamins, minerals, fibre, starch and other nutrients – that’s why it’s often recommended we eat three to four services a day (( 2015, 'How much should I eat from the grain (cereal) group?' para. 5). Breakfast is a good way to get some whole grain early in the day.

Source: 2015, Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and / or high cereal fibre varieties, viewed 9 September 2021,

2. How can I increase my whole grain intake?
  1. Look out for 'whole' on the label – wholemeal, whole wheat and whole oats are all whole grains.
  2. Swap refined white breads, pasta and white rice for whole grain varieties (brown).
  3. Start your day with a breakfast cereal that clearly states it is made with whole grains.
  4. Mix wild rice with white rice, or switch to brown rice.
  5. Use wholemeal breadcrumbs to create a crunchy topping in savoury dishes.
  6. Choose rice cakes, rye crispbread, muesli bars with oats or other whole grains or plain popcorn as a whole grain snack.
3. What allergens do your products contain?

CINI MINIS® Churros: Contains Wheat, Gluten. May contain milk.
MILO® Cereal: Contains Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soy. May contain other gluten containing ingredients.
MILO® DUO Cereal: Contains Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soy. May contain other gluten containing ingredients.
MILO® Protein Cereal: Contains Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soy. May contain other gluten containing ingredients.
NESQUIK® Cereal: Contains Wheat, Gluten. May contain other gluten containing ingredients, milk and soy.

For more information, please refer to our product pages.

4. Are your products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

CINI MINIS® Churros Breakfast Cereal, NESQUIK® Breakfast Cereal and MILO® Breakfast Cereals are all suitable for vegetarian diets. CINI MINIS® Churros Breakfast Cereal and NESQUIK® Breakfast Cereal are also suitable for vegan diets, when served with a plant-based milk. However, MILO® Breakfast Cereals are not suitable for a vegan diet.

5. Are your products halal certified?

None of our breakfast cereals are Halal certified. If you are interested in other Nestlé products, please see current Halal list.

6. What is the sugar content of your breakfast cereals?

Here is a list of sugar content of each of our cereals. Please note that every quantity is an approximation, and based on the serving size of 30g unless stated otherwise:

CINI MINIS® Churros Breakfast Cereal: 7.5g.
MILO® Breakfast Cereal Original: 8.0g.
MILO® Duo Breakfast Cereal: 8.2 g.
NESQUIK® Breakfast Cereal: 6.7g.
MILO® Protein Breakfast Cereal: 10.1g per serving size of 45g.

To find the sugar content of our breakfast cereals, you can visit the nutritional information and ingredient information on each product page.

7. I have a problem with my product. What should I do?

We go to great lengths to ensure our products are of the highest quality so our customers can enjoy them with confidence.

If something has gone wrong, we want to hear about it. Please get in touch with us and share as much information as possible or call our friendly Consumer Engagement Services team on 1800 025 768 (Australia) or 0800 830 840 (New Zealand). Feel free to let us know when we’ve done something you love too!