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    • OATS & MORE

      Crispy, yummy oat and wheat flakes, sprinkled with oat pieces, with oat clusters and your choice of sliced almonds or juicy raisins! Read the full article
    • A bowl of Chocapic cereal

      Fuel your spirit for adventure!

      Fueling your passion to find adventure in everyday mundane moments, Chocapic is made with whole grain with a rich chocolate taste that everyone loves! Read the full article

      Four layers of whole grain wheat, weaved into delicious malty, milk-loving squares for a satisfyingly crunchy bite at breakfast! Read the full article
    • Bowl of CLUSTERS cereal

      bring a little twist to your life!

      Can't decide between wheat flakes or nutty clusters for your cereal? Learn how a bowl of Nestlé CLUSTERS® for breakfast means you won't have to! Read the full article

      COOKIE CRISP brings a bowlful of cookie happiness to your day! A delicious cookie taste which contains whole grain & essential vitamins and minerals. Read the full article

      At Shredded Wheat, we’re all about helping people live life to the full. Fuelled with 100% whole grain Shredded Wheat you’ll have life #Shredded. Read the full article