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FITNESS® Granola Pumpkin Seeds & Cranberry

Discover FITNESS® Granola Pumpkin Seeds & Cranberry: a combination of full wholegrain oats and wheat clusters, mixed with pieces of dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. Rich in fiber, FITNESS® granola also contains calcium to help release energy from food(1), giving you nutritious energy to start your day the right way.    

Features & Benefits

  • Made with wholegrain oats
  • Calcium for nutritious energy
  • Enriched with 9 vitamins and minerals 
  • Rich in Fibre

53.0% Whole

Product Whole Grain Product Whole Grain


  1.  B-vitamins contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism



* Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)

Nutritional Info

Serving Size

Woman pouring cereals on a spoon

30 g


30g with 125 ml semi skimmed milk

* Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)