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    Overview: Breakfast

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    • kid and dad eating cereals

      Cereal and milk: a match made in heaven

      A bowl of cereal is always well accompanied by milk. Find out just how there can be so many different ways of enjoying your cereal! Read the full article
    • Breakfast table

      What to have on your plate in the morning?

      A balanced breakfast helps you get ready to start the day. Make sure you choose from different grains, fruit and dairy as part of a balanced diet! Read the full article
    • Break out the breakfast cereal – it’s too good not to!

      A balanced breakfast is important - it gives you the nutrients needed to be ready for the day. Find out what makes cereal part of a balanced breakfast Read the full article
    • two small children dressed in a paper and cardboard armor playing with each other

      Fortification it’s all about defences!

      Nutrients play a big part in helping to keep us all healthy. Find out how Nestlé cereals contain a good mix of vitamins and minerals Read the full article