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4 spoons of wheat, flour, sugar and cocoa


Delicious Ingredients you know

At Nestlé Breakfast Cereals, we are on a mission to make breakfast better. One way we do this is by making our products with delicious ingredients you know like Whole Grain, tasty cocoa, luscious honey, and succulent cinnamon - and by not using any artificial colors or flavors. On this page you'll find out more about our recipes and our ingredients.

Two ears of wheat
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No artificial colours or flavours

Did you know, Nestlé Breakfast Cereals are made with no artificial colours or flavours? Watch this video to discover more about the main delicious ingredients that go into our cereals.

A bowl of Nesquick cereals with a spoon of hot chocolate

How to make our cereal

Making cereals is so simple you can do it from home with ingredients from your supermarket. Why not try to make some yourself?


Cereal deconstructed

Welcome to Cereal Deconstructed, where we take our cereals ingredients and use them to make new recipes you can try at home.

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