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We believe you have unlimited potential

We believe women have unlimited potential to achieve and succeed. We don’t just want to fuel woman with nutritious energy[1], we want to inspire them to keep going. Go further, reach higher and defy our own expectations.  

Our values

We believe in sisterhood, because when women support each other, we are stronger.

We believe in bravery, because fear only holds us back.

We believe in determination, perseverance and never giving up.

We believe in positivity, in always looking forward and the good in life.

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Inspired by real women

Some achievements require more energy than others. But no matter what it takes, you never give up on what really matters to you – at FITNESS®, we support you to keep going.  

Get nutritious energy(1) every morning

We all need energy, to wake up and take on the day. Each one has its challenges and meeting them is part of the journey towards your goals. FITNESS® cereal provides you with nutritious energy[1] to start your day the right way.



What matters to you, matters to us. Discover how FITNESS® supports women to keep going.

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Nestlé FITNESS® supports you to Keep Going

We all have ambitions, goals, or something we want to achieve. However long it takes us to reach those goals, we need energy every day to keep going towards them. When things get tough, when we face challenges, we don’t give-up; we persevere. Women have unlimited potential – together we can achieve anything.

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FITNESS Pink Ribbon

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Our ambition for 2020

At Nestlé FITNESS®, we believe that early detection of breast cancer through self-examination could save lives. Over the next 3 years, we are committed to give an additional 50 million women motivation to start checking their breasts by celebrating those who already do.

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  1. B-vitamins contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism


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