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FITNESS ® Pink Ribbon Mission

At Nestlé FITNESS®, we believe that early detection of breast cancer through self-examination could save lives. Our mission is to motivate women to regularly check their breasts for early detection and celebrate those who already do.


Make the pledge to self-check!

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All around the world, millions of women are already performing regular self breast examinations. By clicking on this button, you can take part in this worldwide movement of women pledging to self-check monthly. In turn, you could inspire other women & motivate them to regularly self-check! What are you waiting for? Join in, join all women and #KeepGoing!

Join the #CheckChain

FITNESS® virtually connects women around the world in a symbolic breast self-check pose through the #CheckChain. Join today by posting this pose on your Instagram with the #CheckChain.

Fitness Pink Ribbon

The #CheckChain

What if self-checking could become an inspiring statement, linking every women to each other? We’re already 87 million[1] self-checkers around the globe! Help us to create a future where women affected by breast cancer have the best possible chance of survival because of early detection.Watch women around the world connect through the FITNESS #CheckChain and post your photo on Instagram to join in, join all women & #KeepGoing!

Why and how TO SELF-CHECK

Did you know that 43% of breast cancer is found by women through self-checking?[2] Join the 56%[1] of women who regularly check their breasts themselves as a part of their routine; it only takes a few minutes every month to detect any early signs of breast cancer. The more often you examine your breasts, you will become more familiar with yourself and be able to recognize any changes in your breasts more easily.

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  1. 157 million women based on 2010 global census: and quantitative online research: Mexico, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Philippines. 300 women per country, between 25-55 years old, December 2017. 70% of women who check their breasts, 56% said they self examine.


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