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sundaes with cini minis cereals and strawberries


Cini-Minis® Crunchy Yogurt Sundaes

Give your yogurts a little boost with some sweet strawberries and the aromatic crunch of CINI MINIS®. They’ll disappear from the fridge in no time!

Preparation Time
10 min
Cooking Time
0 min
Skill Level
Serving Size


8medium strawberries
1cup of CINI MINIS® cereal
1/3cups of Yoplait® 99% Fat Free creamy strawberry yogurt (from 2-lb container)


  • Cut 6 of the strawberries into 4 slices each.
  • Place 6 strawberry slices in each of 2 parfait glasses.
  • Sprinkle 1/4 cup cereal over strawberries.
  • Pour about 1/3 cup yogurt over cereal.
  • Make another layer of strawberries, cereal and yogurt.
  • Top each Sundae with whole strawberry. 
  • Serve immediately

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