Ever wondered how we select our ingredients?

    To the naked eye, it's just a whole grain hoop, a crunchy flake or a chocolate flavoured ball. If only you knew how much attention and care has gone into your breakfast cereal! We know ingredients matter to you, so we make it our business to source and select in the best way possible.

    Gorgeous grains!

    Our in-house experts work closely with farmers, producers, traders and suppliers, carefully selecting just the right grains to give you the quality and consistency you expect from a Nestlé breakfast cereal. So when you pour your CHEERIOS® into your breakfast bowl, you know exactly what you’re getting: great taste, good ingredients, and no surprises!

    Did you


    Rice in disguise

    Wild rice isn’t really rice at all – it’s the seed of an aquatic grass originally grown by Native American tribes. It has a strong flavour and is quite expensive so it’s usually mixed with other types of rice.

    Pure gold

    Quinoa, pronounced ‘keen-wa’, is a whole grain that was highly prized by the ancient Incas – they called it ‘gold of the Incas’.

    A local touch

    harvesting machine

    We strive to work with local farmers whenever we can and have the ambition to build closer relationships with more growers in the future. Over the next three or four years, we’ll be rolling out our responsible farming programme, where we work with the people at the heart of grain production, promoting sustainable farming methods to improve biodiversity, soil quality, and water management, to keep growing more and more of the good stuff to keep your appetites satisfied.  

    Step by step

    We go through a rigorous seven step process when we’re sourcing and selecting the ingredients we need for our breakfast cereals. We are committed to sourcing our priority ingredients, including wheat and corn, sugar, cocoa, and cardboard, so that they meet the Responsible Sourcing Guideline criteria.

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