Grain growing in a field


    Whole from field to bowl

    Ever wondered where all the goodness of our cereals comes from? Ever heard about whole grains? Find out why and how we keep them whole from the field to your breakfast table.


    What’s the point of stripping away all the good nutrients of wholegrain, especially if they constitute an important part of a healthy balanced diet for your family? By keeping all the parts of the grain Nestle Cereals make sure to keep all the good nutrients it contains.  To find out more and understand all the wonders of this natural ingredient click here

    Whole grain every step of the process

    From the golden field to your breakfast table, grains are harvested and milled into wholegrain flour. Then they are mixed with sugar, natural flavors (such as cocoa or honey), water, vitamins and minerals to make the dough. Finally we bake them. So you can see it takes a lot of care to transform wholegrains into cereal, but it’s worth the effort. This protects more of the nutrients, and makes it easier for you to enjoy a healthy, balanced breakfast.

    Check out how simple is our process here.

    Steps of whole grain cereal making


    Whole grains are complete grains. Unlike refined grains, none of its parts has been taken away. To make flour, we don’t strip away the germ and bran of the grain because it’s the only way to protect all the precious vitamins, minerals and fiber contained in the wholegrain. If you wish to learn more about whole grain, click here

    Composition of whole grains