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    • A bowl full of Cheerios cereal and milk


      How much should you put in the bowl? As each type of cereal is a different shape and size, take a look at our tips to find out the perfect amount! Read the full article
    • kid and dad eating cereals

      Cereal and milk: a match made in heaven

      A bowl of cereal is always well accompanied by milk. Find out just how there can be so many different ways of enjoying your cereal! Read the full article
    • Looking for whole grain? ...

      Wherever you see the green banner on our packs, it shows our commitment to making it as easy to get tasty whole grain into your diet every morning Read the full article
    • Breakfast table

      What to have on your plate in the morning?

      A balanced breakfast helps you get ready to start the day. Make sure you choose from different grains, fruit and dairy as part of a balanced diet! Read the full article
    • 2 children eating a balanced breakfast including cereals

      A good breakfast is great for growing up

      Breakfast is the most important meal. Get your children to have a balanced breakfast every morning to help them start their day! Read the full article
    • Break out the breakfast cereal – it’s too good not to!

      A balanced breakfast is important - it gives you the nutrients needed to be ready for the day. Find out what makes cereal part of a balanced breakfast Read the full article