Our cereals

We love breakfast so much we literally made an entire website just for our cereals. When you live, breathe (and eat) breakfast as much as we do, we like to think we make a pretty good one. But how do you know which breakfast is the right one for you? When you’re standing there in the cereal aisle, blinded by choice, it’s easy to just grab whatever’s recognisable. So instead, take your time here to find out what makes ours so fantastic. Discover more about all of our great cereal brands in one place, including NESQUIK® Cereal, CHOCAPIC®, CHEERIOS®, FITNESS®, LION® Cereal, Corn Flakes®, KOKO KRUNCH®, SHREDDIES®, SHREDDED WHEAT® and NAT! Just click or tap through for more on each of our delicious cereals.
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