Koko Krunch Under Armour


Redeem an Under Armour Backpack worth $39 when you purchase $32 of any Nestlé Breakfast Cereals at participating retailers! 3 limited colours available, while stocks last!

Redeem an Under Armour Backpack worth $39

Purchase $32nett of participating Nestlé Breakfast Cereals at participating retailers to  redeem an Under Armour Backpack worth $39! Available in 3 colours- Black, Grey, Navy

Limited to 2000 bags

Only receipts from the same retailer as the roadshow location will be accepted for redemption (e.g. Only FairPrice receipts will be accepted for FairPrice roadshows)

First come first serve, While Stocks last per Roadshow; Terms & Conditions apply.

Bag Your Wholegrains with an Under Armour Bag

Redemption Roadshows

Roadshow StoreRoadshow DateRoadshow Time
FairPrice Toa Payoh Hub9-10 March10.30am-5pm
Cold Storage Bugis Junction9-10 March12.30pm-7pm
Sheng Siong Tanglin Halt9-10 March9.30am-4pm
FairPrice SportsHub 23-24 March12.30pm-7pm
FairPrice Finest Junction 8 13-14 April



Roadshow StoreRoadshow DateRoadshow Time
FairPrice Sun Plaza2-3 March10.30am-5pm
Cold Storage Compass One2-3 March12.30pm-7pm
Giant Sembawang2-3 March11.30am-6pm
Sheng Siong Yishun Junction 9 2-3 March10.30am-5pm
FairPrice Xtra Hougang One9-10 March10.30am-5pm
FairPrice Xtra Nex16-17 March1.30pm-8pm
Cold Storage Causeway Point16-17 March12.30pm-7pm
Sheng Siong 845 Yishun St 8116-17 March9.30am-4pm
FairPrice Xtra Ang Mo Kio Hub23-24 March10.30am-5pm
Cold Storage Northpoint23-24 March12.30pm-7pm
Sheng Siong 785E Woodlands Rise23-24 March11.30am-6pm
FairPrice Finest Waterway Point 6-7 April12.30pm-7pm


Roadshow StoreRoadshow DateRoadshow Time
FairPrice Tampines Mall 2-3 March10.30am-5pm
Sheng Siong 506 Tampines Central 12-3 March10.30am-5pm
FairPrice Whitesands9-10 March11.30am-6pm
Giant Tampines9-10 March12.30pm-7pm
Sheng Siong Bedok Central 209 Upper Changi Road (Bedok)9-10 March 9.30am-4pm
FairPrice Finest Bedok Mall 16 - 17 March12.30pm-7pm
Sheng Siong Elias Mall 16 - 17 March9.30am-4pm
FairPrice Bedok (212 Bedok North St 1)23-24 March10.30am-5pm
Sheng Siong 539 Bedok North St 323-24 March9.30am-4pm
FairPrice Singpost 30-31 March12.30pm-7pm


Roadshow StoreRoadshow DateRoadshow Time
FairPrice Finest Bukit Panjang2-3 March10.30am-5pm
FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point (Level 3)2-3 March12.30pm-7pm
FairPrice Yew Tee Point16-17 March10.30am-5pm
Giant IMM9-10 March12.30pm-7pm
FairPrice Finest Clementi Mall 23- 24 March10.30am-5pm
Koko Krunch

Participating products include:

NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH (80g/170g/330g/500g), NESTLÉ HONEY STARS (80g/150g/300g/500g), NESTLÉ MILO Cereals (80g/170g/300g/330g/500g), NESTLÉ COOKIE CRISP (330g), NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH DUO (330g), NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH MAXX (250g), NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH Multipack (6x25g), NESTLÉ School Pack (140g), NESTLÉ FITNESSE Cereals (Assorted flavours, 330g-450g), NESTLÉ FITNESSE GRANOLA (Assorted flavours, 300g), NESTLÉ CHEERIOS Multigrain (300g), NESTLÉ Cornflakes (275g/325g/500g), NESTLÉ Honey Gold (370g), NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH Cereal Bars (6x25g).

Promotion packs included.

Promotion FAQ

Qn: Will all colours of the Under Armour Backpack be made available at the Roadshows?

Yes, every roadshow will have available all 3 colours, though on a while stocks last basis. We encourage customers to come down early to redeem the colour of their preferred choice.

Qn: Will all roadshows have the Under Armour Backpack?  

Yes, all roadshows are allocated a set quantity of Under Armour Backpacks. However, the promotion is on a first come first serve, while promotion stocks last per redemption roadshow basis. Once the number of Under Armour Backpacks at a roadshow are fully redeemed, no further backpacks will be supplemented to fulfill subsequent demand. To avoid disappointment, we recommend our customers come down early to avoid disappointment.

Qn: What if all the Under Armour Backpacks are fully redeemed at the roadshow?

The original reciept used to purchase your products can be taken to the other roadshows on other days for redemption. The only requirement is to have the retailer reciept correspond with the retailer hosting the Redemption.

Qn: Am I able to use reciepts from other stores to redeem the Under Armour backpack.

Depends on the retail store of redemption. If the reciepts are from a different retail banner of the Redemption Roadshows, we will unfortunately be unable to process redemption. Purchases have to be made at the same retailer as the Redemption Roadshow store. (e.g. Only purchases at FairPrice will be accepted for Fairprice Redemption Roadshows)

Qn: How many bags can each person redeem?

Ans: Each person is limited to a maximum redemption of 3 Under Armour Backpacks.

Qn: Are online reciepts accepted for the redemption?

Ans: Unfortunately, purchases made online will not be applicable for the In-store Redemption Roadshows.

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    What are the health and nutritional benefits of Nestlé Gluten Free Corn Flakes?
    As well as being a healthy choice for people who want to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet, or have coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance, Gluten Free Corn Flakes are fortified with B-vitamins, folic acid and iron
    I’ve heard a low GI diet can help me lose weight. Is this true?

    It’s too early to say. The science in this area is still emerging. There is evidence that low GI foods take longer to digest and help you feel satisfied for longer, but none that you’ll eat fewer calories at the next meal.

    Is Nestlé planning to launch gluten-free versions of its other cereals or cereal bars?
    Not yet, but we will keep listening and responding to people’s needs.
    Why do some breakfast cereals have different serving sizes labeled on pack?

    The serving sizes mentioned on breakfast cereals can slightly differ, mainly due to differences in product density. Beyond its nutrients density, it’s also important for the portion size to suit the average cereal bowl. Some types of breakfast cereals, such as mueslis or granolas, are denser than traditional flakes; so a 30 g serving could look tiny and unrealistic in a bowl – that's why we use 45 g as a reference. These different serving sizes have been defined by the European cereals trade association and consistently applied by all industry members in Europe.

    Does the high GI of breakfast cereals negate the whole grain benefits?

    No. Even though some foods made with whole grain have a high GI, you can still benefit by including them in a healthy, balanced diet. Eating lots of whole grain can be good for the heart, even if the GI of the food is high. The whole population can benefit from eating more whole grain; the effect of low GI foods is still not clear.

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