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    Action on Fibre

    Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) UK, makers of Nestlé Breakfast Cereals, have joined food manufacturers across the UK and the Food & Drink Federation to pledge to take action on fibre.

    We’re taking action on fibre

    Fibre is an important part of our diet, and we don’t eat enough. In fact, only 9% of adults consume the recommended amount of fibre.

    To tackle this challenge, we pledge to:

    • Play our part in helping to bridge the gap between the UK’s dietary recommendation for fibre and actual fibre intakes.
    • Plan to help bridge the fibre gap through a combination of actions.
    • Launch new and tasty high fibre breakfast cereals with strong marketing and trade support to maximise their chances of success.
    • Execute a variety of marketing initiatives focused on promoting whole grains. This will include supporting national and international initiatives such as International Whole Grain Day on 16th November 2021.


    The breakfast cereals you love, now available in new and improved recipes

    Here at Cereal Partners Worldwide UK, we have been working hard in 2021 to launch several new products and recipe improvements. Here are three of the highlights:

    Shreddies® The Simple One

    In April 2021, SHREDDIES® THE SIMPLE ONE was launched.

    Made with just four simple ingredients and containing only 4.2g sugar/100g it scores all green for the traffic light front of pack labelling criteria and is non-High Fat, Sugar and Salt (Non-HFSS). It is a high fibre product containing 11.8g fibre/100g with British Red Tractor-assured whole grain wheat as the number one ingredient.

    Cheerios® Vanilla Os

    In October 2021, CHEERIOS® VANILLA Os will enter the UK market. CPW UK’s second low sugar, high fibre launch of the year contains just 4.5g sugar/100g along with an impressive 17.9g fibre/100g. It scores a green traffic light for sugar and is non-HFSS. The product is 86% whole grain and fortified with nine vitamins and minerals.

    Nesquik® Cereal

    But it’s not all about new products. CPW UK has continued its long history of recipe improvement, with the latest reformulation taking place on Nesquik® Cereal in Summer 2021.

    The product was already non-HFSS but thanks to a further 10% reduction in sugar and a 50% reduction in salt the traffic light profile is now three greens for fat, saturated fat and salt with an amber for sugar.

    Nesquik® Cereal is 53% whole grain, ensuring it is high fibre at 8.6g/100g. The latest reformulation means that compared to 2003, this cereal has 41% less sugar and 72% less salt – the result of nine recipe improvements showing that a stepwise approach combined with a focus on replacing negative nutrients with positive ingredients such as whole grains can successfully transform a product and retain consumers on the journey.


    Why taking action on fibre is important

    Action on Fibre aims to help bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation by making higher fibre diets more appealing, normal and easy for the population.

    But it’s not just fibre that we’re carefully including in our recipes. Next, find out why it’s important to eat whole grain in our day-to-day diet and how you can be sure the cereal contains at least 8 grams of whole grain in each serving.