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    Overview: Bee to Bowl

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    • Bee friendly trust header

      Make a Buzz, Help Save the Bees with Cheerios!

      Join Cheerios and the Bee Friendly Trust on a mission to save the bees.

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    • bee flying to a sunflower

      Top 10 Bee-Friendly Flowers for Your Garden

      Discover some of the best bee-approved plants you can choose for your garden.

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    • bee sitting on a purple flower

      How to Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden

      Turn your garden into a haven for both humans and bees with a few easy

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    • sunflower in a field

      How to Plant Sunflowers the Easy Way

      Sunflowers are beautiful, easy to grow and loved by everyone, including some
      amazing pollinators such as the bees.

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    • bee on a flower

      Simple Things You Can Do to Help the Bees

      Help bees thrive with these simple tips that will make the amazing buzzers in your garden happy to come back.

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    • bee crafts

      Bee Crafts Ideas for Kids and Resources for the Bee Lovers in the Family

      Discover fun bee crafts ideas, perfect for kids and parents who love these amazing insects. Read the full article