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More Choice, Less Worry When Choosing Your Breakfast Cereal

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Person with the World's Widest Variety Pack in a trolley


The traffic light system for food is a good way to compare products, make healthier choices and eat a balanced diet. The red, amber and green colours show, at a glance, whether a product is high, medium or low in fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt. If a product has less red and more green than another, it’s often the healthier choice.

Find out more about food labels on the NHS website.


World's Widest Variety Pack on a kitchen table

If we put our 18 cereals with no red traffic lights into a variety pack, it would be 3.5 metres long! You’re not getting that in your trolley…


You now have more choice and less worry with our huge range of cereals with no red nutritional traffic light labels traffic light nutrition labels,s that all taste just as good as you remember.

Over the past 10 years we have removed 59 million teaspoons of sugar and 3 million teaspoons of salt* from our cereals, keeping the same great taste. 

What’s more, we’ve increased the wholegrain content too. Our cereals contain 106 million more servings of whole grains (1700 tonnes) in 2020 compared to 2010. That’s equivalent to around 170 blue whales!


The sugar and salt reductions we’ve achieved are evidence of our long-term commitment and ambitious plans to improve the nutritional value of our cereals. 

Our journey began in 2003, and our priority has been to maintain the same great taste consumers know and love, while simultaneously providing options that are convenient, affordable and tasty.

We’ve found little and often to be the most successful method of product renovation – the salami slice approach. It means we’ve been able to increase whole grain content in parallel to reducing sugar.

For example, back in 2003, Golden Nuggets contained no whole grain at all, and now it’s the number one ingredient. This approach marks our commitment to constant improvement and providing breakfast meals with key fibre and micronutrients to millions of people in the UK.

We also found that making our cereal traffic light food labelling system nutrition labels clearer and more concise, easier to read and understand promotes better choices from our customers and the likelihood of making healthier choices.  

Now that you know more about our cereals, find out more about the whole grains in your favourite cereals. All our cereals with the Green Banner have whole grain as the number one ingredient, meaning thy are also a source of fibre. Discover everything you need to know about fibre, including how much dietary fibre we actually need every day.