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      Cereal and milk: a match made in heaven

      A bowl of cereal is always well accompanied by milk. Find out just how there can be so many different ways of enjoying your cereal! Read the full article
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      Break out the breakfast cereal – it’s too good not to!

      Cereal is a delicious way to get the most out of your breakfast. Find out what makes cereal part of a balanced breakfast. Read the full article
    • A little boy smiling at his father at breakfast time

      Out of milk? Check out the best ways to eat cereals without milk

      Here are some brilliant ways to have cereals, even when you're out of milk. Read the full article
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      Looking for whole grain? ...

      Wherever you see the green banner on our packs, it shows our commitment to making it as easy to get tasty whole grain into your diet every morning Read the full article
    • sunflower in a field

      How to Plant Sunflowers the Easy Way

      Sunflowers are beautiful, easy to grow and loved by everyone, including some
      amazing pollinators such as the bees.

      Read the full article
    • bee sitting on a purple flower

      How to Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden

      Turn your garden into a haven for both humans and bees with a few easy

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