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    • uk_nat_nat-bears_stagevisual_001

      Wholegrain Oat cereal for kids baked into a fun bear shape, made with ingredients from natural origins and sweetened with chocolate.

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    • uk_nbc_gofree-cornflakes_stagevisual_001

      NESTLÉ GOFREE Corn Flakes

      Some people are intolerant to gluten and need to avoid it, others simply enjoy
      the gluten-free lifestyle. Either way, these delicious crispy flakes of golden corn
      offer you 5 vitamins and a great taste to start your day.

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    • cheerios


      Crunchy Os with the irresistible taste of golden honey. Every bowl of Honey Cheerios cereal is packed with 5 whole grains, 7 vitamins, calcium and iron.

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    • cheerios

      Chocolatey Cheerios

      Deliciously crunchy, chocolate flavoured, whole grain Os made with 5 whole grains, no artificial colours or flavours and a source of 9 vitamins & minerals and fibre!

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    • cookie crisp


      The chocolatey chip cookie breakfast cereal with whole grain, and 8 vitamins and minerals including calcium and iron. The name says it all - breakfast cereal that looks and tastes like chocolate chip cookies!

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    • Lion Cereal Box


      LION Cereal is the king of cereals! An indulgent mix of chocolate, scrumptious
      caramel and whole grain. What more could you want. 

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