cereal box crafts


    Get Crafty With our Cereal Box Crafts Ideas

    Don’t get rid of your empty cereal packaging just yet. Let us tell you a few
    amazing things you can make with your cereal box, now that you’ve enjoyed
    its delicious content.

    From colourful puzzles to fun mazes and even an aquarium, our cereal boxes can transform into anything with a bit of inspiration and a few tools you probably already have in the cupboard. Here are our favourite cereal box crafts that will delight everyone in the family, toddlers included.

    Cheerios Trio of Festive Crafts

    Get crafty with Cheerios and create your own festive designs :)

    So many different ways to have fun and create so really cute Christmas crafts.

    Idea 1 - Simply thread cheerios onto pipecleaners add some string and create a shape of your choice 

    Idea 2 - Struggling for Christmas Card inspiration? Simply glue cheerios to your bauble or christmas tree design for a personalised fun card

    Idea 3 - Need to keep the kids busy this Christmas? Why not create this reindeer picture using Cheerios 


    Shreddies Festive Photobooth Props


    Why not try making some festive photobooth props using cereal boxes. Super easy and fun for all the family.

    All you need is:

    • Shreddies Box
    • Wooden skewers
    • Scissors
    • Tape


    Step 1 - Cut out the fun shapes of your choice

    Step 2 - Attach the skewers to the back with take

    Step 3 - Get shooting :)

    Shreddies Festive Shadow Theatre

    The kids will love love this craft and you can create any shapes you like!

    You will need:

    • Shreddies box
    • Tracing paper
    • Paper/card
    • Craft tools/ small scissors
    • Skewers
    • A torch

    Step 1: Cut out the back and front of the cereal box

    Step 2: replace one side with tracing paper

    Step 3: Create your puppets with card or paper and attach the skewers

    Step 4: Ready to play 


    DIY Desk Tidy

    Keeping desks neat and tidy can feel impossible at times. Don’t give up yet. This easy cereal box idea will make the job a lot easier and keep everything organised, from pens to loose pieces of paper. Here is how to make your own desk organiser and decorate it to your heart’s content.

    What you need: Your favourite cereal box, scissors, glue, crafting paper and a rule.


    • Cut the box into two halves
    • Glue the two halves together
    • Use the crafting paper to decorate the sides

    That’s it! Now you have a colourful file organiser for your home office. Why not make one for the kids’ desk too?

    Check out our easy DIY Desk Tidy tips. 


    DIY Football Table


    Struggling to keep kids entertained at the weekend? If you’re out of ideas, your old cereal box can come in handy. Create a fun football table with this clever cereal box craft and we guarantee the little ones will forget about anything else for a few hours.

    What you need: Your favourite cereal box, scissors, colouring pens, wooden dowels, pegs, crafting paper and tools.


    • Cut out holes in the sides of the box
    • Put in the dowels
    • Turn the pegs into the players and mark them with the team colours

    You’re all ready to play!

    Check out our easy DIY Football Table tips.

    DIY Marble Maze

    Transform your old cereal box into a marble maze and give kids hours of fun with this simple crafts idea. You can even let them put their creative hat on and help design the maze using their favourite colours and their favourite cereals. Don’t forget to keep scissors away from little hands.

    What you need: Your favourite cereal box, scissors, glue, coloured pens, craft tools and Shreddies.


    • Cut off the front of the box and cut out holes
    • Glue on Shreddies and create your maze

    Check out our easy DIY Marble Maze tips.

    DIY Puzzle


    Puzzles are fun, but after a while, even the favourite ones lose their appeal. Don’t worry. You can quickly fashion a brand-new puzzle using our simple cereal box craft idea below.

    What you need: Your favourite cereal box, scissors, pencil, ruler.


    • Cut off the front of the box
    • Draw your design
    • Cut out the puzzle pieces

    Check out our easy DIY Puzzle tips.

    DIY Guitar

    Do you have a budding musician in the family? They’ll love this next cereal box idea. Using only a few tools you probably already have in your crafts cupboard and an old cereal box; you can let your child’s love for music take over this fun home project.

    What you need: Your favourite cereal box, cardboard tube, elastic bands, glue, Sellotape, scissors, a pencil, colour paper.


    • Cut out round holes in the sides of the box
    • Decorate the tube with colour paper
    • Stretch elastic bands over the box

    Now that the kids have their very own custom-made guitar, get ready for their big solo!

    Check out our easy DIY Guitar tips.


    Cereal Box Aquarium

    Create a colourful aquarium with this simple cereal box craft idea. You can even get the little ones to join in and decorate the inside of the box using shells, stones or pieces of string. This homemade little project is bound to be a hit with the kids.

    What you need: Your favourite cereal box, coloured paper, scissors, glue, strings, googly eyes, pegs.


    • Cut out the front of the box
    • Cut out fish shapes using the coloured paper (and glue on googly eyes)
    • Glue on a piece of string inside the box
    • Add the fish using the pegs

    Job done! The family aquarium is ready to be put on display and admired.

    Who knew than an old cereal box can be the start of so many fun family projects? As long as you’ve got a bit of inspiration, some spare time and a cereal box nearby, anything is possible!

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