FITNESS® Thin Tomato Tart

Preparation time
0 min.
Cooking time
31 min.
Cooling time
0 min.
Skill level
A light savoury recipe that make you feel like a chef. Host your friends and wow them with these delicious tomato tarts! Enjoy freshly warm out of the oven or tasty cold with a salad.
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60 Grams FITNESS® Original Cereal 285g Box
140 Grams All-Purpose Flour
50 g Olive Oil
1 Egg
75 g Cold Water
large pinch of salt
a handful of fresh basil leaves
100g assorted ripe tomatoes
1 tsp wholegrain mustard
a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil


Nutrition Facts
Carbohydrates 159.54g; Energy 1309.42kcal; Fats 61.26g; Fiber 11.51g; Protein 29.21g; Saturated Fats 10.05g; Sodium 4242.99mg; Sugars 11.07g