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At CPW, our purpose is clear.
We exist to Make Breakfast Better.

Ever since we were created over 30 years ago, that’s been our promise to our consumers, our retailers, our suppliers, our employees, and the communities where we work and live. Suppliers, our employees, and the communities where we work and live.


We make over 100 different cereals – giving everybody an option for a tasty, convenient, and nutritious breakfast.





We want to make breakfast better while creating a positive impact on the world around us. This means innovating and improving everything we do - from how we source ingredients, to how we make our products, to the way we work.   

For our business to thrive, we need to be part of a successful community. We need to be purpose-driven and show our commitments and values in a way that’s tangible, long-term and driven by innovation. That’s where our Promises come in. Guided by the work of our parent companies, our Promises are aligned with the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

There’s so much more that we can do as brands, and as a business, to Make Breakfast Better in a way that’s good for the planet, good for our consumers, and good for the business. 
Our work is guided by our four core Promises:

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Better Food

Wir wollen einen Beitrag zu einer gesünderen Ernährung leisten, indem wir kontinuierlich daran arbeiten, unsere Rezepturen zu optimieren.

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better lives

Wir wollen dazu beitragen, Lebensbedingungen zu verbessern. Sei es auf lokaler Ebene oder dort, wo wir unsere Rohstoffe beziehen.

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Better planet

Wir wollen die grüne Null erreichen. Mit recyclebaren Verpackungen, grüner Energie in unseren Werken und Modellen für regenerative Landwirtschaft.

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Better CPW

Wir versprechen, vielfältige, leistungsstarke Teams zu fördern und ein Umfeld zu schaffen, in dem sich jeder Einzelne entfalten kann.


NEU KitKat® Cereal

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LION® Cerealien mit Karamell & Schoko | Nestlé Cereals

Cheerios BIO





Findet eure FITNESS®!