Fun, easy breakfast ideas for kids

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Fun, easy breakfast ideas for kids

They’re yawning. They’re rubbing their eyes. After a long night’s sleep, children should have a nutritious breakfast to get them up and running. It is highly recommended they get around 20% of their daily energy and a significant amount of nutrients, first thing.[1]
Looking for kid-friendly breakfast ideas that even picky eaters can get on
board with? Here are some inspiring breakfast recipes for kids to help you make the most important meal of the day, the most exciting one!



Children can get bored of food faster than grown-ups can come up with new breakfast ideas for their kids. So, when creativity can’t keep up, mix and match! Go for a mashup of their favourite cereals to get them excited about the morning bowl of cereals.

Here are a few mix and match cereal ideas to get you started:

· SHREDDIES and CHEERIOS make an irresistible delicious pair and a satisfying crunch for breakfast time.

· CINI MINIS and SHREDDIES mix is full of flavour whole grain and tongue-tingling sensations.