High Fibre Breakfast Ideas

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High Fibre Breakfast Ideas

High- fibre recipes for a breakfast you’ll have on repeat

Wondering how to get all the fibre you need in one day? Our favourite tip is to start first thing in the morning with a gloriously high-fibre breakfast. All you need is a few fibre superstars as ingredients. Luckily, they’re all wonderfully delicious. Here are all the magical recipes you can create with just a few cereals high in fibre and a handful of fruits.


What better way to start your day than with a stack of golden fluffy pancakes that smell and taste heavenly? They’re so easy and quick to prepare that you’ll keep coming back to this recipe on busy weekday mornings and lazy Saturdays too. We haven’t forgotten about fibre either. The Nestlé® Multigrain CHEERIOS® in this recipe are a good source of  this important carbohydrate. But why not go for even more high-fibre foods by adding raspberries and blueberries as a luscious fruity topping? Here is how to make these amazing Nestlé® CHEERIOS® wholegrain mini pancakes step by step. 

Cheerios cereal mini pancakes


Another wonderful cereal bar idea that you can have in the morning, at lunch or any time you need a break and a treat. Nestlé® Multigrain CHEERIOS® is the key fibre ingredient. But we’ve also added apples and dried fruit to the mix, so you can truly have a delicious fibre rich breakfast full of fresh flavours and amazing colours. The Nestlé® CHEERIOS® Fruitylicious Apple and Berry Barsare so easy to make even the kids will want to join in and help.



Smoothie fans are in luck. This Nestlé® FITNESSE® Green Smoothie Bowl is another simple and gorgeous recipe you can try whenever you need a breakfast on the go. Don’t worry about the fibre content, we’ve got you covered. Have Nestlé® FITNESSE®, together with high-fibre favourites such as spinach and kiwi and you’re already on your way to smashing your daily fibre intake goal. 

green smoothie

Nestlé® FITNESSE® Wholegrain Pear Crumble

Nestlé® FITNESSE® Original Cereal and pears are a match made in heaven. If you don’t believe us, try this delightful Nestlé® FITNESSE® Wholegrain Pear Crumble recipe. Whether you have it in the morning or as a middle-of-the-day treat, there is plenty of fibre in this yummy pear crumble to give you a good head start towards your daily fibre target. Prepare it the night before so you can wake up to a delicious Nestlé® FITNESSE® and pear breakfast. What a wonderful way to start the day! 

pear crumble


Do you want to give it a go yourself and create your own breakfast that’s a good source of fibre? Here is a list of cereals containing a good source of fibre that you can use as a base. Add your favourite fruits and nuts and you’re halfway there. Check out all the tasty Nestlé® cereals here.

Find out more about fibre and the top high-fibre foods you can have with the first meal of the day with our next article. Or why not discover all about whole grains, another wonderful source of fibre to add to every meal.