NESTLÉ® KOKO KRUNCH® Petit Suisse Popsicles

Preparation time
0 min.
Cooking time
11 min.
Cooling time
120 min.
Skill level
Picture the scene. Your kids are playing out in the garden, the summer sun is blazing in the sky. Before they’ve even asked you, you walk out the back door with some cold and refreshing lollies already in hand. You’re the hero. You’ve single-handedly made their day and all it took was a little bit of preparation, some yoghurt, some fruit and a crumbly coating of Chocapic®. Ten minutes of work in the morning, two hours in the freezer, and an afternoon is made that much better. Not to mention, while they’re eating their lollies, you can put your feet up safe in the knowledge they’re not going to ask you for a snack for at least another hour. A tasty, healthy recipe that keeps them happy and gives you some rare time to yourself. It’s win-win.
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20g KOKO KRUNCH cereal, roughly crushed
300g Greek yogurt
30g honey
30g apricot compote or good quality fruit conserve/jam
30g fresh raspberries or strawberries, finely diced


Nutrition Facts
Carbohydrates 10.99g; Energy 63.23kcal; Fats 1.21g; Fiber 1.11g; Protein 3.3g; Saturated Fats 0.53g; Sodium 42.17mg; Sugars 8.36g

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Serving Size  

6 popsicles 

Per popsicles 


Energy (Kcal) 


CHO (g) 


Protein (g) 


Fats (g)