Image of a young girl eating Nesquik Alphabet breakfast cereal


    Kids are natural storytellers and they can get inspired by anything. With NESQUIK® Alphabet, it all starts with a spoonful!

    A new story everyday

    With NESQUIK® Alphabet, we encourage parents to nourish their kids' creativity at breakfast. Each spoonful of NESQUIK® Alphabet is a great source of calcium and vitamin D, and it has no artificial colors or flavors. The good balance between fun and nutrition. That's the whole story!


    Give your kids extra tools to spark their creativity and download our original tablemats for free! Discover our tablemats specially designed to inspire kids at breakfast: a fill-in the blank storybook for kids to invent a new story every morning. Placing the bowlful on the tablemat, the letters are starters to help them create stories. Kids pick one letter out of the bowl for each blank and decide which word to use.




      We've tried to answer as many of your questions as possible. You can search them all here:

      How can I find foods made with whole grain?

      Two things to remember: • Look for food labels where the word 'whole' appears in front of the name of the grain, like “whole wheat” or “wholemeal bread”. • For foods with more than one ingredient, make sure whole grain is listed towards the top of the ingredients list. The further up the list it is, the more whole grain has been used in the recipe. And look out for the percentage of whole grain. You should find this in the ingredients list too.

      Which Nestlé cereals are made with whole grain?

      All Nestlé breakfast cereals carrying the green banner are made with whole grain; this is our Whole Grain Guarantee. They are made with at least 8g or more of whole grain per 30g serving. There are ingredient lists on all packs, showing the exact amount. By end of 2015, we’re committed to making whole grain the main ingredient in all Nestlé cereals popular with children.

      What should be in a complete breakfast?

      A complete breakfast should include a balance of nutrients from each of the major food groups.