Cereal like any other, just gluten-free If you’re looking for a gluten-free start to your day, you’ll love GOFREE, the Nestlé gluten-free cereal range. Available in three delicious flavours, our range has all the variety, taste and joy of cereal at breakfast.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Gluten is a protein found in many cereals, especially wheat, rye, spelt and barley.
    • Some people have a gluten intolerance and must therefore always have to renounce gluten.
    • However a healthy, balanced and tasty diet is also possible without gluten.

    Ingredients list:

    Maize Grits, Sugar, Salt, Dextrose, Invert Sugar Syrup, Molasses, Acidity Regulator: Trisodium Phosphate.Vitamins: Niacin B3, Pantothenic acid B5, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin B2, Thiamin B1, Folic Acid B9. May contain Nuts & Peanuts

    Nutritional Info

    Serving Size

    Woman pouring cereals on a spoon

    per 30 g



    6 %


    Per 30g with 125ml semi skimmed milk
    Typical Values


    733 kJ/174 kcal


    7 g


    of which Saturates

    3.2 g

    1.4 g


    of which Sugars

    28.2 g

    12.1 g


    2.3 g


    0.43 g

    Vitamins & MineralsNRV*

    Vitamin D

    303 mg

    38 %


    3.81 mg

    27 %

    Vitamin D

    0.58 mg

    18 %

    Vitamin C

    15 mg

    19 %


    0.55 mg

    39 %


    3.72 mg

    23 %

    Vitamin B6

    0.36 mg

    26 %

    Folic acid

    51.1 mg

    26 %

    Pantothenic acid

    1.52 mg

    25 %

    * Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)*


    We've tried to answer as many of your questions as possible. You can search them all here:

    How can I find foods made with whole grain?

    Two things to remember: • Look for food labels where the word 'whole' appears in front of the name of the grain, like “whole wheat” or “wholemeal bread”. • For foods with more than one ingredient, make sure whole grain is listed towards the top of the ingredients list. The further up the list it is, the more whole grain has been used in the recipe. And look out for the percentage of whole grain. You should find this in the ingredients list too.

    Which Nestlé cereals are made with whole grain?

    All Nestlé breakfast cereals carrying the green banner are made with whole grain; this is our Whole Grain Guarantee. They are made with at least 8g or more of whole grain per 30g serving. There are ingredient lists on all packs, showing the exact amount. By end of 2015, we’re committed to making whole grain the main ingredient in all Nestlé cereals popular with children.

    What should be in a complete breakfast?

    A complete breakfast should include a balance of nutrients from each of the major food groups.