Calories in our cereals

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There's so much to love about our delicious breakfast cereals, and we want you to choose the ones that are just right for you and your family. Have a look at our easy guide to know exactly how many calories there are in each of our cereals. Easy!

Products kcal per 100 g Reference portion size kcal per portion kcal per portion with 125 ml semi-skimmed milk
Fitnesse Cereal Original 358 kcal 30g 107 kcal 151 kcal
Fitnesse and Fruit 347 kcal 40g 139 kcal 182 kcal
Fitnesse Clusters Almond 381 kcal 40g 152 kcal 196 kcal
Fitnesse Clusters Banana 387 kcal 40g 155 kcal 198 kcal
Fitnesse Honey and Almonds 373 kcal 30g 112 kcal 156 kcal
Cornflakes 370 kcal 30g 111 kcal 196 kcal
Koko Krunch 371 kcal 30g 111 kcal 196 kcal
Koko Krunch Duo 381 kcal 30g 484 kcal 199 kcal
Honey Stars 380 kcal 30g 114 kcal 199 kcal
Honey Gold 387 kcal 30g 116 kcal 201 kcal
Milo 371 kcal 30g 111 kcal 196 kcal
Fitnesse Bar - Chocolate 372 kcal 23.5g 87 kcal  
Fitnesse Bar - Strawberry 372 kcal 23.5g 87 kcal  
Koko Krunch Bars 399 kcal 25g

100 kcal

Koko Krunch All-in-one 376 kcal 35g 132 kcal  
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Cereal serving sizes - How much should I put in the bowl?

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