The race for a delicious start of the day has begun. Ready. Set. Go with NESQUIK® Cereal! 

Welcome to NESQUIK® Racing, where taste, nutrition(*), and fun collide! With NESQUIK® Cereal, we've discovered the great balance that kids and parents love.  Embark on an exciting journey full of creativity, over a delicious and nutritious bowl of cereal for breakfast.


NESQUIK® Cereal is a great breakfast choice that satisfies both kids and parents.

With its delightful chocolate flavor and nutritious(*) ingredients, it has the nice balance of taste, nutrition, and fun. Starting the day with NESQUIK® Cereals can help deliver a breakfast experience that both parents and children will love.

Our latest campaign shines a spotlight on the distinctive value of NESQUIK® Cereal, starting with Quicky's thrilling racing adventure. Join Quicky and his racing team as they zoom through a world of imagination, bringing fun into the entire family's breakfast routine. 

“Let the racing begin !”