FITNESS® Granola Yoghurt Smoothie

Preparation time
0 min.
Cooking time
8 min.
Cooling time
0 min.
Skill level
A taste built layer upon layer of pleasure: fruity, creamy, crunchy and delicious, with an unexpected secret ingredient! A simple recipe for a little jar of morning deliciousness that’s perfect for sharing!
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1 handful FITNESS® Granola Oats and Honey
150 grams Yogurt, Greek, fruit, whole milk
100g cooked beetroot
80 grams Raspberries
120 milliliters Orange Juice
1/2 Medium Banana


Nutrition Facts
Carbohydrates 30g; Energy 185.64kcal; Fats 4.34g; Fiber 5.55g; Protein 8.37g; Saturated Fats 1.39g; Sodium 74.66mg; Sugars 17.3g