Koko Krunch® Strawberry Meringue Cereal Delights

Preparation time
9 min.
Cooking time
138 min.
Cooling time
0 min.
Skill level
Decorate these meringues with a handful of Koko Krunch® cereal flakes before popping in the oven for a toasty texture on top!
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25 grams Koko Krunch Cereals
200g fresh strawberries
1 egg white
a few basil leaves
1 tsp aspartame or caster sugar
a few drops of vanilla extract


Nutrition Facts
Carbohydrates 18.97g; Energy 98.33kcal; Fats 1.84g; Fiber 5.1g; Protein 4.81g; Saturated Fats 0.16g; Sodium 55.39mg; Sugars 7.45g

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