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Top Bee Crafts and Resources for Kids

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Bee Crafts Ideas for Kids and Resources for the Bee Lovers in the Family

Discover fun bee crafts ideas, perfect for kids and parents who love these amazing insects.

Bees are dedicated hard-workers, pollinating a large number of the crops we need in the UK. But their numbers are declining so, now more than ever, they need our protection. Get kids on board with the mission and encourage them to be on the ‘save the bees’ team with these amazing bee craft ideas.

If you have an excited bee fan in the house, it’s time to get crafty! But don’t forget to keep scissors away from little hands.

Top resources to inspire kids to love bees and nature

Bee-inspired poster

Teach the little ones in the family that bees are nothing to be afraid of. Instead, show them that bees are amazing insects with an important job to do: to pollinate the plants we all love so much, including almonds and apples.

Print out the Power of Pollination poster for children created by our friends at the Bee Friendly Trust and tell them the fascinating story of how the little pollen grains turn into plants with the help of the trusted bee pollinators.


The Little Book of Pollinators activity book

The wonders of bees and pollination come alive with this beautifully-illustrated activity book. From fascinating facts to fun quizzes, there’s plenty of bee stuff in the Little Book of Pollinators to get the entire family excited about these little pollinators and all the amazing things they do.


Pollinator power board game

The race is on with this pollinator power board game made by the Bee Friendly Trust! What better way to get the whole family together, little ones included, and help the bees pollinate the world’s plants? Wind, rain or pesticides are some of the hurdles along the way that you’ll have to overcome, just like the bees. Plus, the board is made of beeswax!

Make sure there will be plenty of bees looking for accommodation near you by planting a bee garden with the flowers loved most by these little pollinators. Check out our easy tips in our article, next.



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