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    • eu_nbc_Lion_cerials_visual_001

      Deliciously tasty caramel & chocolate cereal

      A unique, delicious combination of chocolate and caramel with cereal. Lion cereals have been created specifically to feed your wild hunger! Read the full article
    • eu_nbc_Goldennuggets_bowl_001


      Crunchy, honey flavoured cereal balls that you’ll love for breakfast! Read the full article
    • Cookie Crisp in a bowl


      COOKIE CRISP brings a bowlful of cookie happiness to your day! A delicious cookie taste which contains whole grain & essential vitamins and minerals. Read the full article
    • cheerios animated

      Cheerios Wholesome Little O’s

      We believe in happier and healthier families, so we try to help make mornings more wholesome[1] and fun for the entire family with our wholegrain breakfast Cheerios cereals.

      Read the full article
    • nat helen updated

      NAT™: Made with Ingredients from Natural Origins

      This new bear shaped breakfast cereal for kids is made with ingredients from natural origins – and they're absolutely delicious! Read the full article
    • Curiously cinnamon and churros


      Curriously Cinnamon are crunchy little squares with a delicious cinnamon taste...a tongue tinglingly different way to start your day! Read the full article