Nesquik chocolate cereal 2023 pack shot
Nesquik chocolate cereal 2023 pack shot
Nestlé Cereals / Nesquik® Breakfast Cereal

Nesquik® Cereals

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Nourishing Possibility with NESQUIK® Cereal
Nesquik Cereal is the Champion of Great Taste at Breakfast

Get Set, Go With Nesquik® Cereal!*

The race for a delicious start of the day has begun. Have you seen our brand new campaign?


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Made with whole grains, B vitamins (B6, B3 and B5), Iron and Calcium, the whole family can enjoy the delicious chocolatey taste of NESQUIK® Cereal!


*Nesquik® is a source of iron. Iron contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

NESQUIK® CEREAL Recipes to Get You Inspired

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Is NESQUIK® cereal gluten free?

NESQUIK® cereal is not gluten-free as this tasty breakfast cereal contains wholegrain wheat flour. 


If you're looking for gluten-free breakfast cereal, the Nestlé Go Free® cereal range offers a variety of delicious flavours, perfect for the whole family and those who are gluten intolerant. 


Is NESQUIK® cereal vegan?

NESQUIK® cereal is not vegan as it may contain milk.


Nestlé Cereals have a tasty variety of vegan breakfast cereals, and breakfast inspiration for those following a vegan diet. 


We have carefully selected breakfast ideas that you can try. Take a look at the top 8 vegan cereals for a delicious breakfast

What is the serving size of NESQUIK® cereal?

The recommended serving size of NESQUIK® breakfast cereals is 30g. 

Got Questions About NESQUIK® Cereal?

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