Our Renovation Journey to Make Breakfast Better

Our Renovation Journey to Make Breakfast Better

Over the past 18 years, we’ve been on a journey to improve our recipes to make breakfast even better. We have worked on reformulating our product portfolio, focusing on increasing whole grain and fibre while significantly reducing sugar and sodium. And doing so while keeping the same great taste that our customers love. Take a closer look at our achievements:


Improving the nutritional profile of our portfolio is important to us.

Our renovation journey means that most of our cereals are now more balanced than ever before. Our range contains more whole grain and fibre, with reduced average salt and sugar levels, and are free from artificial colours and flavours. All this whilst keeping the same great taste.

We believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We make over 25 different cereals - giving everyone an option for a tasty and convenient start to the day.


Our teams continue to work with leading scientists and nutritionists on our renovation journey.

Why? To further reduce levels of salt and sugar, while increasing the amount of whole grain in each of our tasty cereals.

In 2018 we worked with the International Breakfast Research Initiative (IBRI), led by world-renowned nutrition experts, to help us define what a traditionally better breakfast looks like - find out more on this page.


As part of our ongoing commitment to making breakfast better, we’re constantly looking at new ways to help everyone make informed decisions about what they eat. At Nestlé Breakfast Cereals we understand that whole grain is recommended as an important part of varied, balanced diet.

This is why all of our cereals carrying the Green banner have minimum 8g of whole grain per 30g serving. When you see the Green banner, you can be sure that whole grain is the number one ingredient in that product.

The green banner


All our breakfast cereals have clear and simple nutritional information on pack to make it as easy as possible for consumers to make more informed choices about breakfast. We’ve also created clear guidance to help with recommended portion size for the cereal you want to consume.


We follow the regulatory requirements needed for nutrition labelling and display the relevant Traffic Light Labelling and Reference Intakes (RIs) to help consumers make more informed choices when choosing their breakfast cereals. In the UK, we are committed to renovating our recipes to ensure they can remain part of a balanced diet.