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NAT™: Made with Ingredients from Natural Origins

Hi there! I'm Helen Raccoon, founder of NAT™ Bears kids cereal! What is NAT™ Bears? I'm so happy you asked! This new bear shaped breakfast cereal for kids is made with ingredients from natural origins  – and they're absolutely delicious!   


NAT™ Bears were developed with parents and kids in mind!

I had enough of my kids eating rubbish and It's tough for us parents to find a breakfast cereal that we are happy to feed to our cubs, and which they'll also enjoy. I found I was far from alone in this and decided to take things into my own hands (I mean paws!) with a little help of other parents and kids, I sourced a little something fun to put in a breakfast bowl and created NAT™ Bears kids cereal!

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Discover the flavours of new NAT™ Bears Kids Cereal

  • Wholegrain Oat cereals for kids baked into a fun bear shape, made with ingredients from  natural origins — sweetened with chocolate or honey.

    NAT™ Bears Chocolate

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    NAT™ Bears Honey

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    Naturally curious?

    Where can I buy NAT™ Bears?

    NAT™ Bears is currently available in Sainsbury's and we hope to be available in other supermarkets soon! 

    Who are NAT™ cereals for?

    These breakfast cereals were originally designed for kids, but sometimes parents can't resist them!

    Who produces NAT™?

    NAT™ is a new breakfast cereal brand created by Cereal Partners Worldwide (a joint venture between Nestlé & General Mills), a business that produces and distributes breakfast cereal brands such as Shreddies®, Cheerios®, and Shredded Wheat®. 

    Who is Helen the Racoon?

    Helen Raccoon is a character that typifies the many parents we met and interviewed during NAT’s creation. Helen, just like the parents who were interviewed, wants to feed her cubs the tastiest foods made with carefully sourced ingredients without any fuss at breakfast time.

    How do you eat NAT Bears?

    There are many ways to eat NAT Bears! You can SOAK and SPOON or DUNK and CRUNCH!

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