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unfinished tales

Tales where kids decide the end

NESQUIK Cereal presents the Unfinished Tales, a collection of tales with no ending so your kids can imagine it!

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We believe that to stick to good habits, like having a healthy breakfast every day and practicing sports regularly, you should actually enjoy them!  

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a bowl with Cheerios and strawberries

Our Breakfast Cereal Mission

We know that nutrition is important to you. That’s why we keep working to improve our recipes to make breakfast better. Check here to find out more

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Working to make breakfast better

And it’s because of you. You said more whole grain, less sugar. So we've listened and worked hard to improve, including making whole grain our main ingredient across the Nestlé Breakfast Cereals Portfolio. Your voice is leading the way to make breakfast better every day. Find out more on this site 



At FITNESS® we believe that, at sports and breakfast, pleasure is the best fuel. FITNESS brings you pleasure with nutritious[1] and delicious cereals.

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a woman opening her curtains in the morning

Good morning!

Welcome to Nestlé Cereals! We have a selection of cereals to choose from, all of which have been created to help you have a great morning!

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Wake up to a good breakfast

Breakfast plays an important part in your daily diet. Find out more here about how nutritious it can be and how it can help you start your day

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Children playing with their parents

Weekend breakfast time - Fun for all the family

Make breakfast fun and unique for all the family by creating games and activities - or by simply using some of Nestlé's other breakfast ideas

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1. B-vitamins contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism

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