Better planet
Nestlé Cereals / Better Planet

We promise to make breakfast while creating a positive impact on the world around us

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Sustainability isn’t just about the environment. It’s about transforming the way we work - from the sourcing of our ingredients, to the making and delivery of our products – and therefore delivering lasting change to the people and places around us. 

"We’re looking at everything we do and seeing how we can innovate and improve to reduce our carbon footprint. "

We’ve already set ourselves some tough targets:


emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050* – playing our part in meeting the Paris Climate Agreement goals.


excess packaging materials where possible


 to eliminate solid waste for disposal from all our sites. 


water withdrawal (usage) year-on-year in our factories and distribution centers. Since 2018 we have reduced our water withdrawal by 21% across all sites. 

By 2025

make 100% of our packaging designed for recycling (moving from 85% widely recyclable, 13% designed for recycling, and 2% not recyclable). Currently, 98% of our packaging is designed for recycling.