The inimitable CHOCAPIC® chocolate taste
The inimitable CHOCAPIC® chocolate taste
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The unique CHOCAPIC® chocolate taste
The inimitable CHOCAPIC® chocolate taste

If everyone could feel the same pleasure in taking care of both nature and each other, life would be so much more beautiful! With more responsibly grown whole wheat paired with delicious chocolate, every morning you can enjoy the unique taste of CHOCAPIC - now making it a more responsible choice for the planet.

CHOCAPIC, joyfully responsible
CHOCAPIC®, joyfully responsible
Proudly Nutri-Score A!
Chocapic nutriscore

Et Paf! Today, CHOCAPIC cereals are not only tasty chocolate cereals, but they are also cereals with a Nutri-Score A. 


* -41% sugar, -56% salt, -54% saturated fatty acids and +129% fiber since 2003.

*for CHOCAPIC standard and BIO

Chocapic nutriscore

Since the early 2000s, we have been gradually reducing our sugar, saturated fatty acid and salt* content. And from 2003, with the introduction of whole wheat which doubled the fiber rate of our cereals and made it possible to increase their protein content, CHOCAPIC was committed to a better breakfast for health by starting a long process to improve the nutritional quality of its recipes.


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