A bowlfull of Nesquik Cereal

    Nourishing Possibility

    We believe in kids’ creativity. That’s why NESQUIK Cereal helps nourish their mind[1] with Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and Iron in those delicious chocolaty balls.

    Keep nourishing their ideas

    Kids are born naturally creative but there’s always a moment when their amazing creativity starts to fade away. To preserve their creativity, keep giving them the inspiration they need and nourishing their mind[1] with NESQUIK Cereal’s iron and B vitamins as part of a good nutrition. We’ll always be here to nourish possibility.


    Tales where kids decide the end

    And they lived happily-ever-after.” If this sounds a little too cliché for you, then NESQUIK Cereal’s Unfinished Tales is perfect for you and your child. A collection of stories that let your kid’s imagine end the tale!

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    Nourish creativity

    At NESQUIK we believe that if we keep inspiring and stimulating kids’ ideas on the way to become grown-ups, we’ll give creativity a chance to flourish.