A Healthy Breakfast

What makes a healthy breakfast? The International Breakfast Research Initiative (IBRI)

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What really makes a healthy breakfast? The International Breakfast Research Initiative (IBRI)

At CPW, we promise to make breakfast better. But what does a nutritionally better breakfast actually look like? The IBRI, led by world-renowned nutrition experts, has helped us to answer this question. Find out exactly what constitutes a healthy breakfast and more on this page.

The IBRI methodology considered what people in each region actually eat at breakfast with the aim of improving nutritional intake where needed. It relied on international nutritional recommendations from the World Health Organization and Codex and can be adapted to specific countries and populations using country/national and age-specific recommendations. Thus, they have curated healthy breakfast guidelines to suit everyone, no matter where you are in the world.

The full methodology has been published and is available at the link below.



The following renowned health and food experts contributed to the IBRI project.


Health and Food Expert Panel

What does a balanced breakfast look like?

A well-balanced breakfast will give you and your family a good start to the day. You should have a mix of carbohydrates, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. These are found in lots of foods, and you can choose pretty much what you like, as long as you pick from the different breakfast food groups: grains, fruit and dairy – and of course a glass of water.

One serving, of the right size from each of these food groups will set everyone up for the day ahead. Take a look below, to find out why this is, and check out some examples of delicious balanced breakfast ideas.

Balanced breakfast ideas


Grains like oats, corn, wheat and barley are important to your diet. Especially if they are whole. For a glorious balanced breakfast with grains try a bowl of breakfast cereal made with whole grain or a slice of wholemeal toast.


Breakfast is a great time to kick start your ‘5 a day’. A breakfast that contains vitamins, minerals and fibre, and fruit is a great addition to any well-balanced breakfast. Try to eat fruits that are in season (it’s more sustainable, and they have a better taste). With so much to choose from, it isn’t hard to make a fabulous fruity feast. Yummy.


Rich in calcium for healthy teeth and bones, dairy foods are also a good source of protein and are great at breakfast time. Milk is good with cereal but why not dollop on a spoonful of yoghurt? And cheese isn’t just for sandwiches, it makes a great breakfast – try it on toast!


Try a slice of ham, an egg or a small handful of almonds – your balanced breakfast will be complete!

"And the water of course!"

With so much delicious food to think about, let’s not forget about drinking. It is generally recommended to drink around 2 litres of water every day.


Whether you’re after a protein breakfast or just want to jazz up the morning meal, here is how to top up your favourite cereals with nutrients that will set up the whole family for the day ahead.

Most of our products are fortified with at least five vitamins and two minerals (calcium and iron). In addition, we clearly display on all of our packs how the product should be consumed as part of a balanced breakfast. Our detailed serving size guide is here to help you know how much to put in your bowel. 

The IBRI criteria will guide us in our further improvements, to ensure our breakfast cereals represent a great option to build a balanced breakfast.