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The Whole Grains Food List

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We’ve created the ultimate whole grains foods list to help you pick some delicious additions to your diet. Explore the full list and discover the grains you love, alongside a few lesser-known options that contain fibre and some you can combine with your favourite breakfast cereals for delicious meals.


9 whole foods for you can add to your next meal

1. Whole grain breakfast cereal

We had to start with our favourites: whole grain breakfast cereals. We’ve made whole grain the number one ingredient in all of our breakfast cereals with the Green Banner. Wherever you see the green banner on our packs, know that the cereal contains at least 8 grams of whole grain in each 30g serving. Guaranteed!

2. Bulgur wheat

This cereal grain comes from the cracked whole grains from wheat and provides important fibre. You can prepare bulgar wheat quickly, it fully cooks in 15 minutes. Bulgar wheat is often suited to savoury dishes as it has a mild and slightly nutty flavour, but it can suit sweet dishes too. It can be used instead of couscous or rice, so make a tasty salad for lunch or dinner.

3. Oats

Oats are a whole grain food and a good source of quality protein, vitamins and minerals. They are available in different forms including rolled and steel-cut. Rolled oats are commonly found in porridge, biscuits, bread and even in our Shreddies® Oat & Carrot Muffins Recipe. So, you’re bound to find easy ways to add them to your diet. See our apple & cinnamon overnight oats porridge recipe too for another tasty way to enjoy more whole grain foods.

4. Cracked wheat

Cracked wheat comes from grinding wheat berries into a coarse mix. It’s similar to bulgur wheat in that it is often used instead of couscous and rice for cold salads, curries and other dishes. If you choose a finer cracked wheat you can use it instead of regular flour so you can make bread with it too.

5. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a fruit seed but it’s considered part of the grain family, so you’ll find it’s a good whole grain food alternative to couscous, pasta and rice in many savoury dishes. It’s high in protein and it’s a good choice for switching up your lunch or dinner for more whole grain in your diet.

6. Spelt

For a nutty alternative to your regular wheat flour, try out spelt. The fibre in whole grains can help maintain better digestive health whilst providing carbs, fibre and more. Choose spelt flour for an alternative flour when baking or choose spelt for a risotto or a substitution for rice.

7. Whole barley

With only the outer shell being removed, whole barley is a great source of fibre which can help to keep our digestive system healthy. It’s different to pearl barley which isn’t a whole grain because the fibre is removed during manufacturing.

Hulled barely has the outer shell removed when being processed but nothing else, so it keeps the fibre in your diet, which makes it a whole grain. You can use it instead of rice so add it to salads or even soup.

8. Brown rice

You can switch to brown rice if you regularly use white. Brown rice only Brown rice goes brilliantly in salads but can be used alongside curries and stir-fries as well.


Our Green Banner whole grain breakfast cereals

Our Nestlé cereals with the Green Banner also provide you with whole grains, just look out for the green banner on our breakfast cereal boxes to guarantee at least 8g whole grain per serving. 

This makes for a quick and easy choice, so you don’t have to go searching through the ingredients. Discover more about our green banner cereals.


Nestlé Cereals whole grains food list for breakfast:


Whole grain cereal recipes

Looking for some whole-grain inspiration? Take a look at our Nestlé breakfast cereal recipes, which include ideas that also use whole grain cereals, so you have plenty of fun and tasty ways to add them into your diet.

Now that you have a handy list of whole grains foods, delve into our full guide on what are whole grains and why we need them.



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