Morning Routines

Top Energising Tips for Parents

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Waking up to the soothing sound of birds chirping, peacefully enjoying your breakfast cereal as you plan the day ahead while reading an empowering quote to inspire you for the rest of the day.

Parents, let’s face it: this scenario sounds more like science fiction than your typical Tuesday morning.

A sound does wake you up, but it’s the kids, already in your room, asking to be fed and it’s not even 6 am yet. You wake up before the sun has risen but somehow, you’re still late and breakfast turns into a quick grab-and-go affair. As for planning the day ahead, forget it. You’re probably thanking the gods you didn’t put your clothes on inside out again.

Being a parent is a wonderful thing, but it’s not exactly the most glamorous life. You have to wake up and wake up fast so you can do all that good parenting stuff and still have time to get yourself ready. That’s why we put together a few energy-boosting tips so you can take on whatever mornings throw at you. 

How Shreddie for anything can help you feel energised

We believe the way you start your mornings can impact the rest of the day. This is why, with our energy-boosting top tips for those difficult mornings, we want families to start their day being Shreddie for anything! So they can seize their day.

For those mornings when you need that extra boost, we are here to help you with our handy tips below for the best ways to achieve your goals each day. 

4 Ways to feel more energised

1.    If you’re a goal-driven parent: create a to-do list    

You’re tenacious and used to getting stuff done. So why do some mornings feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere?

There’s nothing like the good old pen and paper to help you get all your ducks in a row in the morning. Write down everything you need to do: grab a coffee, take the keys, and don’t forget the toddler in the cot. You can even start with ‘wake up’ and tick it off straight away - that’s you already accomplishing goals and you’re not even out of bed yet. What a great feeling in the morning!

Make sure you’re not forgetting anything important in the morning chaos by putting your action list together the night before. Avoiding all the drama an early school morning has to offer! Less chance that Junior’s bee project gets left behind on the kitchen table instead of ending up in his backpack.

2.    If you’re a working-from-home parent: morning workout

The secret to rising and shining is to get moving. Squeezing in a workout seems difficult when you’ve got to spend your time between Zoom calls and your kid’s maths homework. But exercise is such a good way to start your day! Just don’t forget to enjoy your pre-workout breakfast

If a workout is too time-consuming for your busy schedule, do a few stretches as you get the kids dressed. Throw in a set of jumping jacks while preparing the breakfast cereals. And go for a quick walk around the neighbourhood to kick-start the day. If you’re envisioning the Rocky training montage already, that’s perfect! You need the stamina to help you go toe to toe with the hectic morning rush. Plus, kids can join in on your exercise routine too.

 3.    If you’re an always-busy parent: take power naps

Parenting is not the easiest gig in the world when you’ve got a couple of little ones bouncing around the house keeping you busy from the moment they wake up till long after they go to sleep. By the time you pick up all the loose Legos and save their favourite toy from behind the couch, you’re exhausted and ready to call it a day.  To help fuel your day, try increasing your energy with strategic power naps, even if you only have 20 minutes to catch some zzz’s. Your body will feel re-energised and ready to take on whatever comes next, from cranky toddlers or tight work deadlines.

4.    If you’re an outgoing parent: create a pump-up morning playlist

Put on the tunes and you won’t hear the phrase ‘5 more minutes please’ ever again. Choose upbeat songs that pack enough punch to make everyone feel uncrushable as they get out the door.

Music is a great way to feel energised especially if you’re going for those happy beats that instantly transport you to summertime even when it’s still far, far away. We’re talking about those songs that make you want to pack your bags and head for a sunny island straight away.

Or why not get the family together and create a morning playlist? Kids can add their favourite tunes too. So, what if you end up singing Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ all the way to work?

Whatever strategy works best to get things done in the morning and everyone out the door, there’s one last tip for a delicious start to the day: why not have a bowl of SHREDDIES® for breakfast and seize your day?