Be Shreddie For Anything!

Nick Knowles as a lion with Shreddies pieces

Shreddie For Anything: A morning mantra 

Start the day as you mean to go on with four layers of whole grain wheat. The Shreddie for Anything campaign delivers morning mantras from Nick that enable you to get cracking with your day. 

SHREDDIES® are also a source of iron. Iron contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Nick Knowles as a space ship Shreddie For Anything

Take That Mornings!

Mornings can feel like a punch in the face. Eat Shreddies and show mornings who's boss!

Nick Knowles as a lion with Shreddies pieces

Feed The Lion

This is how you feel when you eat a bowl of Shreddies. You can tackle anything. Cold showers, the school run, taking the bins out. Nick Knowles is back with his trusty box of Shreddies to help you smash your day.

Nick Knowles as a snake in space

Breakfast Affirmations

You are strong. You are unbreakable. You are uncrushable. You never flake. Be Shreddie For Anything.

Nick Knowles surfing a Shreddie

Morning Mantra

Since when did a grateful heart help with a hungry stomach! Eat Shreddies Instead.

How Shreddie For Anything can help you

Our tips and handy guides to be Shreddie for Anything help to empower families with the positivity needed to conquer those tricky and often stressful moments life has to throw at us.  

We believe breakfast is the most important start to your day. From those problematic distractions that are hard to ignore to relieving stress during a busy work week, or frantically running after your kids, we have the resources to help you to be ready to conquer anything that comes your way. 


A Shreddies Flavour For Everyone