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    Get to know... Stef Reid

    Stef Reid won T44 200m bronze at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games before making the switch to long jump.

    Stef Reid

    stef reid

    Stef Reid won T44 200m bronze at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games before making the switch to long jump. It was a successful move for Reid who went on to claim a silver medal from London 2012 and repeated the feat four years later at Rio 2016. In 2017 Stef won gold at the World Championships in London and added another European gold to her name 12 months later in Berlin.

    Stef was born in New Zealand to a Scottish father and English mother, grew up in Toronto, and moved to Dallas, Texas before settling back in the UK in 2010. With an honours degree in Biochemistry, a fashion model and keen public speaker, Reid is a multi-talented individual. She is also married to Paralympic medallist Brent Lakatos of Canada so they are regarded as one of the golden couples of track and field.

    Get To Know Stef Reid


    Full name

    STEF McLeod REID

    Any nickname?

    No – but I’m open to suggestions!


    Long Jump.  But I also love basketball, volleyball, swimming, yoga, cycling, and hiking

    Type of impairment

    Leg amputated after a boating accident

    Biggest achievement

    London 2017 para-athletics world championships!  It was the first time I became a world champion and it happened on home soil.  I am also proud of that medal because I was part of the board that helped deliver the championships and I was part of C4 media team once I finished competing.  I was invested in so many parts of that world champs, and I loved every moment of it, and was so proud of what we delivered.

    Favourite quote

    “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” Maya Angelou

    Question you’re asked the most

    “If I tickle your artificial foot, can you feel it?”

    What you can’t live without

    Coffee.  Chocolate is a close second

    Favourite joke

    What’s blue and doesn’t weigh very much?


    …light blue

    Favourite meal of the day (precise breakfast, lunch or dinner)

    Breakfast.  I love everything about the morning.  New day, new beginning, sunrises, and all things breakfast food.  I love it because it is the one meal that can be either sweet or savoury.  And because coffee is always involved

    Favourite dishes (please mention a starter + a main + a dessert)

    Starter: scallops

    Main: Beef Wellington

    Dessert: Molten chocolate cake with ice cream

    Favourite breakfast cereals brand

    Shredded Wheat

    How do you like to eat your cereals? Do you like to mix them with other ingredients?

    Sometimes I like it just with milk.  Sometimes with bananas on top.  I like my Shredded Wheat quite naked.  My other favourite thing to do with them is make my famous protein balls.  They are a weekly staple.

    Favourite smoothie

    I’ve fallen out of love with smoothies.  15 years in athletics and I have had one too many.

    How many Cheerios can you stack?

    No idea.  Haven’t tried it!

    Top tip for anyone starting out on fitness journey

    Consistency trumps everything else.  Find something you love that gets you moving.  And do it regularly.

    Top tip for anyone wanting to eat more healthily

    Cook and prepare all your own food.  That is the aim, but it is not always possible.  So the next best thing is to buy food with as few ingredients as possible.

    Ever been to Tokyo?

    Yes!  In March 2019, I was there to cheer on my husband who was competing in the Tokyo Marathon.

    What are you looking forward to about Tokyo?

    Japanese food.  Specifically sushi and mochi

    What keeps you motivated?

    Competing on the world stage is so much fun.  But you have to earn it.  I work hard because I want to be there and I want to be in the mix.

    Where would you like to go on vacation after the games?

    I’d love to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and then do a safari in Africa.

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    Here Stef gives us a sneak peek into the training routine of a professional long jumper. Feeling inspired yet?

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