Paralympics GB partnership - a white board reading 'inspiring the nation to get active' with winter Paralympians around it

    Nestlé Cereals and ParalympicsGB

    Our partnership with ParalympicsGB is all about inspiring more families to embrace the benefits of living a healthier and more active lifestyle!

    Inspiring the nation to get active

    World records, bright lights and shiny medals – the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics had it all. We are exceptionally proud to continue our partnership with the amazing ParalympicsGB team to inspire the nation to get active and live a healthy lifestyle.

    If you want to show your support for the British Paralympic Association and all the amazing things they’re up to, it’s really easy. The organisation relies on charitable donations, so any contribution can make a real difference to these incredible Paralympians and their inspiring journeys.

    Visit the ParalympicsGB website to make a donation.


    2022 Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing

    The 2022 Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing have come and gone, but the legacy will last a lifetime. We hope you cheered on the amazing Paralympics GB athletes as they competed. Did the games inspire you and your family to stay active?

    A brief history of the Winter Paralympic Games

    A photograph of a ceremony at a past winter paralympics

    The Winter Paralympic Games have been inspiring us alongside the summer games for over forty years, but when did they actually start and why?

    Wonder no longer! We’ve pulled together a brief history of the Winter Paralympic Games to get you in the mood for the games in March.