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      Rate and Review Our Products

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    • toykyo 202 chance to win family fitness prizes

      Nestlé Cereals and ParalympicsGB Join Forces

      For the 2021 Tokyo Games, we’ve partnered up to inspire more families to embrace the benefits of
      living a healthier and more active lifestyle!

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    • Shredded Wheat British Wheat Field

      Shredded Wheat - 100% Wheat, 100% British

      Our breakfast classic is made with just one natural ingredient – crisp, delicious
      wholegrain wheat. Sown, grown and ripened on farms in Britain.

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      Shreddies Whole Grain Wheat

      Four layers of whole grain wheat, weaved into delicious malty, milk-loving
      squares for a satisfyingly crunchy bite at breakfast! 

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    • Shredded Wheat in a bowl

      Shredded Wheat - Just Good Stuff

      At Shredded Wheat, we’re all about helping people live life to the full. Fuelled with 100% whole grain Shredded Wheat you’ll have life #Shredded. Read the full article
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      Cereal like any other, just gluten-free

      Nestlé GoFree Cereals, all the delicious taste, just without the gluten. With three different flavours, Corn Flakes, Honey Flakes and Rice Pops Read the full article