Enjoy the Benefits of Whole Grain for Less in January

Whole Grain Health For Less

Whole grains contain vitamins and minerals which make them a great part of a balanced diet. They’re great for when you’re trying to get the family back into a good morning routine after the excitement of Christmas.

Here at Nestlé Cereals, we believe in helping out as much as we can, wherever we can. That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole month to whole grains. From a prize draw you don’t want to miss, offers on your favourite cereal brands, to easy recipes and good-to-know facts behind why we chose whole grain as the number 1 ingredient, here is how you can get whole grain health for less* this January!


Bowl of Shredded Wheat cereal


Your January just got that bit easier. With our extensive selection of delicious cereals, you can make sure you and your family enjoy a nutritious breakfast for less this January*. All of these cereals contain whole grain and much, much more.


Follow the button below to see offers on your favourite cereal brands including SHREDDIES Original, Multigrain CHEERIOS and Low Sugar Vanilla O's, SHREDDED WHEAT Bitesize and Original.


If you want to learn more about whole grain cereals and their benefits then take a look at our page all about whole grain.

The benefits of whole grain cereals

But first, what is it about whole grains that got us so excited in the new year? Whole grain cereals are a source of many vitamins and minerals and come with a lot of benefits. There’s good reason why we made them the number 1 ingredient in our cereals with the green banner.



Thanks to the bran left intact in whole grains.

Dietary fibre is the unsung hero on the list of things we should definitely make sure we have enough of in our meals. Part of your 30g per day target.

Source of beneficial unsaturated fats*

Thanks to the germ in every kernel of whole grain cereals.

Replacing saturated fats with some unsaturated fats can help to lower your cholesterol level.* We should consume no more than 20g of saturated fats per day.

Contains essential minerals

Supports a healthy and balanced diet

We also fortify with some minerals to contribute to at least 15% of the daily recommended amount per serving of 8.7mg a day for men and 14.8mg a day for women target.

Contains B vitamins

Thanks to the valuable outer-layer, the bran

We also fortify with some vitamins to contribute to part of your daily source of B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9 vitamins.

Whole Grain Health For Less January 2022

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We know that sometimes having your favourite cereal every day can be difficult, and that is why we are giving you the opportunity to get your hands on a prize that will make your breakfast time more delicious for less!


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