NESTLÉ GOFREE gluten-free range

    For some people, living gluten-free isn’t a choice, but a necessity. For others it’s a lifestyle decision they’ve made. Now there are four different NESTLÉ GOFREE Cereals to choose from. All the delicious taste, just without the gluten.


    Discover the four delicious NESTLÉ GOFREE Cereals, Corn Flakes, Honey Flakes, Rice Pops and Coco Rice, all gloriously gluten-free.

    NESTLÉ GOFREE Corn and Honey Flakes, what a great way to wake up to gluten-free

    Discover delicious corn flakes that are gloriously gluten free. Crispy golden flakes of corn without the gluten and with 6 vitamins and minerals! Available in two delicious flavours, Corns Flakes and Honey.

    NESTLÉ GOFREE Corn Flakes >>

    NESTLÉ GOFREE Honey Flakes >>

    NESTLÉ GOFREE Rice Pops and Coco Rice

    Great tasting, delicious crispy puffs of rice, with vitamins and minerals and gloriously gluten free. Available in two flavours:

    NESTLÉ GOFREE Rice Pops >>

    NESTLÉ GOFREE Coco Rice >>