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8 Breakfast Ideas the Whole Family Will Love Instantly

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Looking for a breakfast the picky eaters in your house won’t be able to refuse and that’s also easy to put together? These breakfast ideas for families check both boxes. 

They’re full of delicious ingredients, including your favourite breakfast cereals, and can be prepared either in advance for a hassle-free morning or will take up only minutes of your time on those busy days. Get you cereal box out and explore all the wonderful recipes you can create for the whole family to enjoy.


Quick breakfast ideas for a family on the go

It’s hard to fit in a good family breakfast in between getting everyone up, dressed and ready to head out the door. This is why we included a few grab-and-go options, so you can have a delicious meal up your sleeve whenever mornings get too busy.


Breakfast cereals with delicious toppings such as fruits and nuts

Cereals are a great way to begin your day if you need a breakfast that’s literally ready in seconds. Start with your favourite whole grain cereal and build a balanced breakfast with different food groups. 

You can choose our milk-loving SHREDDIES® squares, the tasty little O’s in our CHEERIOS® or any of our green banner cereals so you can be 100% sure they contain whole grain. Add protein to your bowl with chopped almonds or cashews. 

Then pair your cereals with the fruit toppings of your choice. From bananas to blueberries and raisins, there are so many tasty and colourful combinations you can try. So, if you need a breakfast idea for a family in a hurry, you can mix cereals and toppings together in one fell swoop and have a delicious meal ready in no time.



Sometimes breakfast preparation is best left for the evening before. Our apple and cinnamon overnight oats idea will give you back precious minutes in the morning. 

All you need are a few simple ingredients such as oats, yoghurt, apples, honey, a pinch of cinnamon and our Honey CHEERIOS®. Mix them together, then store in the fridge until the next day and impress everyone in the family with a super-quick and tasty breakfast ahead of work or school.



If the kids and adults in your family love CHEERIOS®, there’s an amazing way to enjoy the little O’s. You can add them to your smoothie! It turns out that if you mix in a blender bananas, blueberries, apple juice and Greek yoghurt with CHEERIOS® Multigrain Cereal, you end up with one of the most glorious, creamy tasting smoothies you can imagine. Check out the full blueberry banana smoothie recipe and see all the ingredients.



You might already have emergency breakfast bars in your cupboard for when a quick family breakfast on the go is all you have time for. But have you ever thought about making them yourself? This SHREDDED WHEAT® breakfast bars recipe is so easy to make and much more delicious than the store-bought versions. Plus, you can add them as a treat in lunch boxes too. Give it a go!


Weekend breakfast ideas for the whole family

The week is over and you can finally have a relaxing time with all your loved ones gathered around the breakfast table. Why not take advantage of the extra time to prepare a lovely family breakfast everyone can enjoy while they’re still in their pyjamas? Here are a few easy ideas if you need a bit of inspiration.



These golden mini-pancakes are effortless to make. Since no one’s rushing out the door, this weekend breakfast idea for the entire family might just be what you’re looking for.

You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already: CHEERIOS® Multigrain Cereal, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk and baking powder. Check out the recipe to see how to combine all of them for a delicious breakfast.



Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet or not, you will love how tasty and colourful this berry oatmeal muesli is. It’s a great way to add a new twist to your family breakfasts on weekends. 

It features our own GO FREE® cereals which make a great combo when mixed with oats, walnuts and honey. Check out the step-by-step instructions and discover the amazing taste of this mix.



Our NESQUIK® cereal chocolate waffles are great any time you need a recipe you can trust to be simple and never fail to satisfy even the most picky eater in the family. Check out how to mix all the ingredients, including our NESQUIK® ORIGINAL CEREAL, to create a delightful chocolatey breakfast everyone will adore. 

This recipe is for four servings, but you can easily adjust the quantities if you need a family breakfast for bigger get-togethers. Our favourite tip is adding a handful of berries and a spoonful of yoghurt as you serve these wonderful waffles to your loved ones.


Breakfast treats idea for a crew of family members

Running out of inspiration for breakfasts that can feed a crowd? Here’s how to impress your family with these easy-to-share treats you can have spread on the breakfast table.


Double Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe

Why not add delightful cookies to the family breakfast table on the weekends? If you are looking for an indulgent treat idea that everyone will love to have with a cup of tea, this recipe might be the winner. The Double Snickerdoodle Cookies are easy to make, easy to share and easy to love. Just what you need on a day off. The star is the CURIOUSLY CINNAMON® CEREAL, so make sure you have a box handy before you get started. Plus, the recipe makes you 24 cookies, so you can add it to the menu whenever the extended family is invited for a cup of tea.

We hope you found your favourite breakfast idea for the family on our list. Remember that you can always browse our full recipe hub to find the inspiration you need, whether you have 5 or 50 minutes before heading out the door. Next, see how you can shake up your breakfast at work too with our handy tips.


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