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      How to grow wheat

      If your child is curious about how grain is grown, why not have them try for themselves? Follow our guide and they’ll be little farmers in no time! Read the full article
    • uk_nbc_how-to-make-cereals

      How to make cereals - in four simple steps!

      Have you ever wonder how breakfast cereals are made? -the way we bake is not a whole lot different from the way you bake! Find out more here Read the full article
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      TODAY 19th November we are celebrating International Whole Grain Day

      Whole grains have more nutrients than the refined flour. Why not have a go at changing to whole grain and see what you think? Read the full article
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      Here we answer some of the frequently asked questions around gluten. From ‘what is it?’ to ‘what can I eat?’, find out more here. Read the full article
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      The sweet story about cereal and sugar

      Sugars from breakfast cereals make up around 5% of the average daily intake of added sugars for adults. Read the full article
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      Fortification it’s all about defences!

      Nutrients play a big part in helping to keep us all healthy. Find out how Nestlé Cereals contains good mix of vitamins and minerals Read the full article